These structures come and go, built, destroyed and rebuilt. Most of these are built by summer visitors and local fishermen, some by passersby but no matter of extravagance or structure or design; they are, in their existence, ever changing and temporary.


Structures Of Impermanence - Sloped Shanty
Agfa/Ansco 5x7 Universal View Camera - (Wollensak Versar 6.5x8.5 Portrait & View Lens (~240mm)) ISO 125, 1/50 @ f/45
Ilford HP4 5x7 in Adox Rodinal 1:50
(Crop Ratio: 5x7) (captured 2022-02-22 11:13:00)
Made a stop at a local area where these are built the day before and found this new one. Returned the next day with luckily the same grey overcast but sometimes the sun broke through the clouds conditions.

Structures Of Impermanence - Shanty With a Window
Agfa/Ansco 5x7 Universal View Camera - (SEROCO 8x10 Rapid Rectilinear) ISO 125, 1/25 @ f/32
Ilford HP4 4x5 in Adox Rondial 1:50
(Crop Ratio: 4x5) (captured 2021-07-05 10:59:00)
There's quite a local beach where these are built and rebuilt and captured this one on a light foggy morning. After having this Bausch & Lomb - Unicum shutter CLA'd it has a Rapid Rectilinear lens on it and I thought I'd give it a go. Even with the large amount of balsam separation on the rear lens (this is where the cement holding the glass together starts to give out) I like the rendering it has. Surprisingly, come to find out, the SEROCO brand is actually the Sears & Roebuck Company. You never know what might do well.

Structures Of Impermanence - Triangle Shanty
Agfa/Ansco 5x7 Universal View Camera - (Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar-s 210/370mm f/5.6) ISO 100, 1/100 @ f/11
Ilford Delta 100 Pro 5x7 in Adox Rodinal 1:25
(Crop Ratio: 5x7) (captured 2021-04-11 10:07:00)