I've done a lot of digging around the web, searching for this, learning that and they all do it better than I could so here I present a list of resources I've found during my research. Some of these subjects are not much beyond a list of youtube presenters, others a bit more indepth.

Two of the most frequent questions for those new to large format are for Bellows Repair and Shutter Repair or CLA (clean lubricated adjusted). Here are my two lists (and additions are welcome) I keep and add to as I come across new ones. A little further down is my list of current large format camera manufacturers. I've put this short list together on my own search for a new kit.


Bellows repair: This is my source for replacement bellows. They have done 3 for me so far (2 5x7's and one 8x10 all three for my Agfa/Ansco universal view cameras and soon a second 8x10 for my newest project a Camera City View, Variation 1 by Seneca) and have all been great. I'll be adding to this list as I come across others.

Custom Bellows  


Large format shutter repair services: Each of the first 6 listed in italic I have used personally and are each excellent. The others do come recommended. There is a facebook group "Learn Camera Repair" for those adventurous souls. They cover all sorts of different shutters.

Flutot's Camera Repair  
Alphax Betax Shutter Services Wollensak Betax and Alphax shutters only
Steve's Camera Service  
Zacks Camera Repair  
Precision Camera Works  
Advance Camera Haven't used personally but comes highly recommended
Camera Doctor NYC, Haven't used personally but comes highly recommended


Large format camera manufacturers: This alphabetical list of manufacturers produce "new" field cameras. The used market of course can carry quite a variety of different brands both recent and age old antiques but since I am looking for a "new" kit this is the list of those I found scouring the "interwebs".

HF large format cameras
Intrepid Camera
K. B. Canham Cameras, Inc.
Lotus View Camera
Richard T Ritter
Shen Hao
Toyo View
VDS Camera 8x10
Chroma Camera
Filip Habart
Fasquel & Co.